Digital strategy consultancy

What is a digital strategy consultant?

Someone that has first hand experience of using a wide variety of digital tools and channels in order to grow your business digitally.

How can a strategy consultant help me?

By making an evaluation of the results that you are currently achieving and an assessment on the best way to grow your business in the short, medium and long term; a marketing consultant will put together a road map for you to reach your financial targets.

Consultants can advise, and in some cases undertake, the implementation of digital marketing strategies and tactics in order to reach your targets. They can also train you and your team to recreate this successes for yourself.

What do digital consultants at Lucky Promotion do?

Lucky Promotion will ensure that your marketing channels are optimised and that you are capturing demand for your products or services. We are experts in optimising conversion paths on your website and driving traffic to your site.

We make sure that the process for your customers is easy. By doing this we will help you to sell more.

Specialist strategy consultants and trainers for trades and small business

Your digital marketing strategy can be more effective with our technical skills, added to the experiences of the people that know your business and customers best. You and your team.

Yes we can plan your strategy and customer journeys from first interaction on your website through to final conversions. But your campaigns will see more success if we work together!

We start with a focus on revenue, the fastest way to achieve business growth and then we move to make this increase in profit sustainable. 

On our own we can deliver results and quick wins. But together we can build a successful long term partnership.

Improve the way that your business reports success

Let us add relevance to your performance reports. Focus not only on marketing metrics but improving business outcomes.

Use our consulting expertise to build strategies based around improving profitability. Then let us train your teams to implement process changes seamlessly.

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