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B2B Digital Marketing Consultancy

B2B digital marketing is often pretty inefficient. It is driven by short term thinking. Such as hitting targets designed for the specific campaign being run that isn’t related to the company’s long term objectives. Often messaging is unclear and results either have little impact or are not measured properly.

This is why Lucky Promotion was started building marketing activity around four distinct pillars.

The PRVC process: Purpose – Report – Value – Community

In B2B the most important thing for your digital marketing is to have a PURPOSE behind your activity. This purpose needs to be dictated through your website with every page having a measurable call to action related to that purpose.

Once you have established the purpose with your measurable actions you need to create a REPORT to accurately measure performance. The report should directly relate to the purpose that has been established that may include results from multiple systems. Holistic reporting often involves reports from your accounting software, Google Analytics, social listening, automation and other marketing systems.

When constructing your content focus on the VALUE that you offer your customers. Answer their questions, talk about their problems, give comparisons, show reviews as these are the types of content that people want to consume. Make sure that you have prioritised their interests. If you show delivering value to them is more important than making profits for the company that builds the trust that you need to sell your products and services in the future.

Finally COMMUNITY is built when you have clearly defined the value that you are able to offer to people and you can start to spread your message through interactions with others. If each marketing channel is used to give value to your audience over time people will start to recommend you. These word of mouth recommendations are the strongest way to grow any business. Technology provides you with the tools to do this at scale, whether by social media, email, a podcast or live events the end goal is trust. Trust sells products. Communities build trust.

This is the process that I have used to grow multiple businesses. This process is not quick but it is a way to build sustained growth within your industry. This is not a campaign that can be run to help you to hit your numbers for the end of the year. It is a sustained way to grow your business.


Hi my name is John Luck, welcome to my side hustle! Having worked for over a decade running digital marketing operations for some of the UK’s largest employers in the pharmaceutical, property, facilities and healthcare industries, as well as technology start ups; I have seen the good bad and ugly of marketing teams and campaigns.

In my time I have worked with a lot of agencies as an in house marketer and I got frustrated! Firstly with the short term nature of everything. The lack of understanding on how success should be tracked and reported. The lack of accountability when targets are missed. Also getting sold one thing by an experienced consultant that is then implemented in a completely different manner by a junior employee.

As an organisation you need a partner that can advise you on the things that matter – quotes generated, revenue and brand reputation amongst your target demographic. You need someone that understands the platforms, channels and strategies for long term growth. I have seen agencies time and again only concerned with extracting maximum payment from you in the short term. Bidding with you for project after project without a thought of a long term plan.

The model of running project after project with the goals changing every time works for agencies, but it is not best for you and your business.

By taking myself out of team and working as a freelancer I was able to escape company politics and to focus on growing the businesses without worrying about internal politics and complications. Using the same techniques that I had been honing within large organisations I have been able to achieve growth of 40% YoY for small businesses.

This is my side hustle, I do this to get results that I can be proud of and I am happy to give you advice and not every conversation has the goal of needing to win business. For me there is not this pressure.

Let us help you! At Lucky Promotion we ensure that your digital marketing strategy aligns with your purpose and your business development targets in order to hit your company’s goals.

Digital strategies for long term profitability

Improving profitability is the main goal for your marketing. Finding ways to generate sustainable new business is a mixture of capturing and creating demand.

Creating purposeful web content that really converts is the best place to start. Then using high intent channels like PPC and creating a strategic framework for SEO to be successful is part of your long term plan

Rest assured that throughout any work undertaken you will stay in control of your marketing data. Using analytics and tag management to measure everything that you do digitally to ensure that where you are capturing demand; you will own the data collected.

When you control the data all success can be repeated by following the same processes. Set up the kind of recurring processes that will get you more customers.

Customer acquisition support from Lucky Promotion

Learn to convert in inbound channels but also to get better returns from your awareness channels. I can train your teams to get better value from your marketing. Create more opportunities for your prospects to connect with you.

Use digital campaigns to ensure that your business is getting in front of the right people but also develop something that is clear and differentiated in your market to stand out from the crowd..

Learn to construct bespoke digital marketing strategies around your website in to deliver the 3 P’s:
Predictability in Pipeline and Profitability.

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