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A Marketing Side hustle

Hi my name is John Luck, welcome to my side hustle! Having worked for over a decade running digital and marketing operations for some of the UK’s largest employers I have seen how complex the marketing is at these big companies.

I realised that by taking myself out of team and working as a freelancer I was able to escape company politics and to focus on growing the business without worrying about internal politics and complications. Using the same techniques that I had been honing within large organisations I have been able to achieve growth of 40% in a single year with growth in cash reserves of over 60%.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Marketing is hard. Everyone wants to measure performance but there are so many view points and perspectives from too many teams. Not only is it hard to decide which activity performed best you also need to decide what is actually being measured. Work is split into projects, sometimes with a different agency chosen for each task. With a different goal set each time. The model works for agencies but not for the in house teams. Stop reporting on campaign metrics that change multiple times. Start focussing on profits and long term success. Look at the sales achieved in your accounting system grow your brand and reputation to improve efficiency in these campaigns.

Let us help you! At Lucky Promotion we join the dots to ensure that digital marketing aligns with your purpose and your business development strategy in order to get you more customers.

Digital strategies for long term profitability

We are specialists in improving profitability. Helping small businesses to create purposeful web content that really converts. 

We ensure that you keep in control of your marketing data. We use analytics and tag management to measure everything that you do digitally to ensure that where you are capturing demand; you will own the data collected.  When you control the data all success can be repeated by following the same processes. We can set up the kind of recurring processes that will get you more customers. 

Customer acquisition support from Lucky Promotion

We track conversions and create opportunities to connect with your target audience. We manage digital campaigns that ensure that your business is getting in front of the right people.

We construct bespoke digital marketing strategies around your website. We deliver the 3 P’s: Predictability in Pipeline and Profitability.

Straight talking, results focussed, data driven digital marketing

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