We provide marketing services for companies working in IT, the built environment and corporate services

Improving revenue for businesses improves the lives for their workers and the communities in which they operate. We want to work closely with your team to solve the digital problems faced by your employees.

We offer the personal digital and web services that you get from an in-house team but with the cost efficiencies of an outsourced partner.

A strategic digital partner for your business

The digital strategies that we implement are based around moving your company to long term profitability.

We transform websites into profit generation machines and manage your channel specific digital campaigns to grow this model and grow your business.

We are also happy to train your staff to run your own successful campaigns too.


Hi my name is John Luck, welcome to my side hustle! Having worked for over a decade running digital marketing operations for some of the UK’s largest employers in the pharmaceutical, property, facilities, IT and healthcare industries, as well as technology start ups; I have seen the good bad and ugly of marketing teams and campaigns.

In my time I have worked with a lot of agencies, as an in house marketer, and I got frustrated! Firstly with the short term nature of everything. The lack of understanding on how success should be tracked and reported. The lack of accountability when targets are missed. Also getting sold one thing by an experienced consultant that is then implemented, in a completely different manner, by a junior employee.

As an organisation you need a partner that can advise you on the things that matter – quotes generated, revenue and brand reputation for your target demographic. You need someone that understands the platforms, channels and strategies for long term growth. I have seen agencies time and again only concerned with extracting maximum payment from you in the short term. Bidding with you for project after project without a thought of a long term plan.

The model of running project after project with the goals changing every time works for agencies, but it is not best for you and your business.

By taking myself out of team and working as a freelancer I was able to escape company politics and to focus on growing the businesses without worrying about internal politics and complications. Using the same techniques that I had been honing within large organisations I have been able to achieve growth of 40% YoY for small businesses.

This is my side hustle, I do this to get results that I can be proud of and I am happy to give you advice and not every conversation has the goal of needing to win business. For me there is not this pressure.

Let us help you! At Lucky Promotion we ensure that your digital marketing strategy aligns with your purpose and your business development targets in order to hit your company’s goals.

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