Digital channel strategy

What is a digital marketing channel strategy?

A digital marketing cross channel strategy is judging performance of each channel against a pre-determined outcome or goal. This usually involves setting up the event or goal on a website and using UTM parameters to measure the traffic coming from each of your channels. We care about long term benefits for your business

What are the benefits of this strategy?

This strategy is highly effective for budgeting as you can decide which of your channels is most effective for capturing the demand of the products and services that you are offering.

What skills do I need to implement a digital channel strategy?

Knowledge of the different channels to drive traffic back to your website. A good understanding of how to optimise your site with prominent call to action. Ability to set up tracking (UTM Parameters, events in Google Tag Manager, goals and analysis in Google Analytics).

Channel strategy and campaign experts for small businesses

We have been working for over ten years to ensure that campaigns, through each specific channel, fit together to fulfil your digital marketing goals.

We’ve worked with surveyors, architects, tradesmen and corporate clients. We are able to piece together the often disparate methods being used in order to ensure that we increase revenues through digital marketing.

Integrated multi-channel, cross-channel digital marketing

If you need PPC, website management, email marketing, social media marketing and integrating these tools to make up your integrated channel strategy then get in touch.

Why worry about piecing together channels to create a coherent message for your business? It will improve the efficacy of all your channels – let us show you how.

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