Digital campaign management

What is digital campaign management?

Digital campaign management is using digital channels to fulfill a specific purpose. This purpose could be sales/revenue generation or it could be attention, engagement and brand building.

For digital marketing it is normally best for this purpose to be related to an action. If this action takes place on a website you can track this using an event on your site. You can then use UTM parameters to track the success of your campaigns against the completion of the specific events on your website.

Where should I start with my digital campaigns?

So first you need to ensure that your conversions are optimised. That means that if you drive traffic to the conversion pages the most amount of conversions are made as possible. A good way to test is to use a split testing tool like Unbounce.

Often the best way to get data is to run campaigns. A good way to drive traffic towards the completion of an action on your website is to use PPC. PPC can be a good place to start as it does take a lot of preparation in order to set it up and it doesn’t rely on building a mailing list or status and reputation in order to successfully put your messaging in front of your prospects.

PPC, social media marketing and email marketing campaigns for growing businesses

We are experts at running PPC, social media marketing and email marketing activities. We focus on campaigns that deliver ROI; and have been able to achieve increases in year on year revenue of over 50% within just 6 months.

The point of your channel strategy should be clear and integrated. With each campaign and activity designed to enhance your overarching digital strategy. Our focus is always on long term profitability for your company and channel should be used appropriately.

We can help you to focus all channel activity on achieving improved performance. Creating landing pages that really convert and content that really engages.

Reporting cross channel performance and website conversions

Performance is really all about structure. Structure your website and digital channels to drive conversions. Structure your campaigns around the content and keywords that generate interest.

Evaluate, measure and repeat. A campaign run with us is constantly evolving. We work with you to ensure activities always deliver value.

Contact us to see what we can do for your digital campaigns.