John Luck – Digital Marketing Director

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John is a data driven marketing strategist. He has launched multiple company websites, social listening tools, automation platforms and other marketing systems.

He has led conversion focussed campaigns that have driven revenue growth and increased brand equity using digital marketing. 


John began his career working with small businesses within the music and events sectors before moving to a SaaS marketing automation provider focussed on clients within the technology industry.

In 2014 he started to work for large corporate organisations; managing websites and digital marketing operations. He started Lucky Promotion at the end of 2019 to further develop the skills that in his primary career he had been paying agencies to implement.

For Lucky Promotion he was able to launch websites, run PPC campaigns and work on SEO; independently from a team.

He currently works for a property and facilities management business, managing Marketing Operations. Whilst also managing digital campaigns, websites and (when he has time) writing blogs for Lucky Promotion.


One constant throughout John’s career has been a passion for reporting. John consistently provides useful, relevant and actionable insights from the, campaign and website, data generated. Below are examples of past work for companies; both large and small.

Large companies
In the first graph a big increase in the  number of “campaigns” (organic rather than paid) and “online actions” (events) is shown. Over a six month period this has helped to improve overall site traffic and enquiries on the site. Each of the “events” was linked to an action that meant that more opportunities were passed on to the sales team.

The right chart then shows the granularity of reporting available.  This report is highlighting the traffic driven to the service areas as well as the time on page to show the attention that each of the pages has been receiving.

John has managed the implementation of numerous websites for large organisations including:

Small companies
Working with some of the smaller clients has allowed data from marketing systems such as Google Ads and Analytics to be combined with financial information from tools such as Quickbooks. The left hand chart shows a company that was running PPC ads from a single campaign (green bar). After switching to work with John the activity was split into four campaigns (orange, teal, blue and pink bars) and improved efficiency. Though the spend increased by 50%, the campaign delivered a 100-200% increase in traffic. The impact that this had on overall site is shown in terms of traffic (blue line) and revenue (red line) in the chart.

The second chart shows the amount of work briefed in and lost (blue line), the amount of work won (blue, red and green bars), the amount of site traffic (orange and green bars) and the cost (orange line). It shows that for a tiny cost a large amount of work was brought in but a huge amount was briefed in and lost.

Personal life

John is passionate about travelling, learning new skills and gaining new experiences.


An important trait for John is focus. To remain unaffected by the things happening around you. Understand your personal values and try to live by them. This is the mindset that John promotes within his teams.

The feeling has largely been shaped by three awful experiences that ended up with positive changes and increased focus in John’s life. The reaction to these three events have had a big impact on his career:

– In 2007 John fell from a tree and sustained a brain injury called head trauma. Following two months spent in a hospital and a rehabilitation centre, John committed to spend time developing his career in marketing.

– In 2011 John was in South East Asia and was stabbed in the neck. When he arrived back he committed to develop solely his technical and digital marketing skills. To focus a single employer and growing businesses specifically through.

– In 2016 John was diagnosed with leukaemia. Following three years of treatment he committed to focus on delivering training and services to small businesses away from his primary job for Lucky Promotion.