How does content marketing deliver results? Everyone seems to be doing it how can I make my content stand out? Just a couple of reasonable questions that need to be asked about your content strategy.

Too often marketers seem to be creating content as they know that it is what is expected in their jobs. They are not being strategic enough in the pieces that they create. Their work therefore is not getting the attention and the outcome that it often deserves.

Here are my top six content marketing strategy tips:

1. Clearly define your audience
So important yet often neglected. Do not try to write for everyone the narrower the audience the less competition to rank in terms of SEO and the more likely your content will be useful to someone specifically. This may mean sub-segmenting your traditional company audience segments.

2. Clearly define your “Content Pillars”
These are the areas that you feel will be of interest to your target audience. The focus of these need to be the areas that likely to grab your audience’s attention and should relate to the products or services that you provide. You should have 3-6 pillars and they can be very broad. It may be beneficial to occasionally share content that isn’t within your pillars but if you ensure 80% of your content is about your main areas of focus that is probably about right.

3. Solve a specific issue or answer a question for your specific audience group
Ask yourself what is the biggest issue being faced by my customers? + What can I offer to help them through it? Write your content addressing these problems. Remember people are more pain avoiding than pleasure seeking in terms of their behaviour online so talk about the problems that you solve or the pain you could help them avert.

4. Call to action – Link the problem that you are solving to the solutions that you provide
You don’t want to be too focussed on sales, but it is not a crime to have a (or possibly multiple) call to action(s) saying “if you are experiencing this problem feel free to contact us”. The main part of a content strategy is to provide value to your audience. But don’t be afraid to let people know what you do and how they can get in touch.

5. Distribute your content
When distributing your content through emails and social channels rather than posting once on one platform pick out the main points, quotes and captions that may be interesting to different recipients of the content. This can help to pique the interest of different types of people. You can also post out different snippets numerous times promoting the same piece therefore getting more coverage out of the content that you create.

6. Tracking and measurement
Ensure that you are tracking the effectiveness of both the performance of your content and the performance of the channels driving traffic to your collateral. My preferred technique is the host the content on your website and track any conversions through events on the site. Any channels that you use can be tracked using UTM parameters.

These are my top 6 content marketing strategy tips if there is anything that I have missed feel free to leave me a comment.

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Photography by Kaleidico on Unsplash

John is a data driven marketing specialist and website manager who lives in South East London. When he isn't blogging for us he works for NHS Property Services.