Your website serves no purpose! (4 reasons why a website can become pointless)

So people often approach me to manage their digital marketing campaigns. I am always willing to help where I can but often the place that I can deliver the most value is on their website. Optimising digital campaign performance when your website is flawed is like buying a new sail for a boat with a hole in the bottom. 

All of the pieces of your digital strategy should work individually. But in order for them to work collectively as one synchronised strategy; your website should be at the centre of it. Here’s 4 reasons why you aren’t getting the best out of your website or from your digital marketing strategy:-

1. Your website does not say what you do

The primary reason that you have a website is to support your overall business purpose. I don’t mean the mission statement that is decided upon every few years. I mean the real purpose; every non charitable business needs to make money or it will cease to be – As David Ogilvy said “We sell. Or else”.

Your website needs to say: firstly what you do and secondly, how someone can acquire your products and/or services. That is the place to start when building your content. Your website can serve many purposes. But if it isn’t being used as an aide to business development then you are missing a trick.

Having purposeful content on your site involves your news and update information linking to information on the work that you do, which in turn links to how somebody can acquire your products/services.

2. You aren’t measuring goal conversions

Once you have established clear actions to be taken online it is important to set up events to track them. If you are not sure how this is done a resource that I always use for Tag Management and Google Analytics tips is Measure School. They have a great video for setting events on your website, to watch follow this link.

For the most important Events I would then set up a goal in Google Analytics. Again Measure School has a great video for how to set this up here. Once you have set up a goal you are able to make a custom report that shows the “Events” that have been achieved on the way to people completing the overall goal.

This kind of report will indicate which of your events are the most important contributors to the completion of your goal.

3. You have not mapped a clear customer journey

As I said your site needs to serve the ultimate purpose of increasing revenue. As you build more content on your site you can’t always link every piece of content to sales, that isn’t the way to provide the best customer experience. However you do want every piece of content to be related to an action.

You want to set “Events” (tracked online actions) on each of these. These will become the touchpoints that will create your roadmap towards your ultimate goal. If every page has an action to be completed you can start using your reports in analytics to see which campaigns, actions and pages have been successful in leading to people completing goals online.

4. You are building a lot of content on other platforms

This is something that I see fairly regularly. People have built out loads of content on social media pages or in their automation system. Each of your channels should work individually but if you drive them to a single place to complete actions then you can compare results together.

There isn’t a problem with having conversions through other channels; more conversions is always better. However if you build a thank you page on your own website and redirect all conversions through other channels, to these pages, you can track all conversions in one place. Once you have all conversion data tracked in your website analytics, you are able compare the success of each of your marketing campaigns and channels against one another.

As a business grows it is likely that you will have to diversify your marketing efforts so it is good not to commit too heavily to a single platform. The website is different as it can be used to in conjunction with your other channels. 

These for me are the main reasons that you might not be getting the best out of your website. If you know any other reasons feel free to comment on them below.

Or if you would like help with optimising your web strategy around the completion of specific goals, please get in touch with us today.

John is a data driven marketing specialist and website manager who lives in South East London. When he isn't blogging for us he manages Revenue and Marketing Operations for corporate clients.

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