Digital marketing for land surveyors

Being a land surveyor there are few transferable skills needed for marketing your business. For many small and medium sizes businesses marketing feels like a different language.

The time it takes to promote your own services barely give the returns that warrant the time that you put into them. Many know that they need help, but it is hard to know where to look to get real value.

Choosing a partner to manage your website or digital campaigns that actually understands your business is very rare.

Our knowledge of the land surveying market is key

At Lucky Promotion we are not going to pretend to know how to produce a survey but we have experience of running campaigns and competing on search engines for the kind of terms related to your industry.

We have knowledge of the search market for terms such us “boundary disputes”, “topographical surveys”, “setting out site engineers” or “land registry compliant plans”. We can use this knowledge and experience to build strategies to optimise your website, which can then form the basis to start any of your campaigns.

For a surveyor to start working with us we can hit the ground running, no need to spend weeks trying to learn your business.

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can promote your surveying business