Purposeful web content

Why Purposeful web content?

This is a focus for me as it is normally the first mindset change that needs to take place at a company. Your marketing needs to create demand. When this happens your organisation needs to be able to capture that demand. Potential customers need to have your products and services clearly defined and explained with clear calls to action in order to capture the demand generated by your marketing.

I don’t believe that it is just conversion pages that need a call to action. Every page should have a purpose, which could just be to gauge interest on the page, whether it is a contact option, a download, a view more button or anything else. Creating more places to interact on your site and tracking each of these interactions is a good way of gauging if your content is resonating.

What are the marketing benefits of purposeful web content?

Your website needs to be the centre of your marketing strategy. It is where people find out the what you do, the benefit of using you and most importantly giving them the ability to get in touch. Purposeful web content is building every web page around a call to action (CTA).

How does purposeful web content become the centre of your content marketing strategy?

Build your strategy around conversion. Your website should make it easy for people to convert. The website needs to be optimised so you can be found. Once found, the site should be easy to use and should explain the services that you provide.

That is it. That is the only thing in it for you.

Following that your concern is providing value to your audience. However you are able to inform, engage and entertain. Let us help you use your website more effectively.

What do you need to track on your website?

Most importantly to your site you need to track traffic sources and conversions. Every call to action on every page will have an event or a goal so success on the page can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Why should you work with Lucky Promotion

We set up everything on your website around the conversions that need to happen and ensuring the most accurate measurement. We assist with conversion rate optimisation as well as the structure of your site and pages.

We work with you and your teams to ensure that your site is optimised for search and user experience. We have worked with a number of different companies with complex requirements. We know the value of being focussed on overall outcomes whilst being flexible to individual needs.

What happens next?

Contact us today to outline your project and we will get back to you promptly to confirm the details with you. Our goal is to make sure that the objectives for your campaign align to financial outcomes.

The processes that we follow are not compatible with everyone. If we don’t feel that we are able to help you we will recommend a provider that we feel is better suited to getting you the best outcomes for your project.

We bring real meaning to your web reports by constructing your site content based on models consistently used elsewhere in your business. If we feel that we cannot enable this we won’t accept the work, but will offer advice on the best way for you to proceed.

We can help you to write, reorganise and re-categorise your content. Giving your content reports real significance.

 Contact us today to manage, optimise or relaunch your website